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What do you mean by accommodating up to 3 fielding events per year for the Entry and Exit surveys?

When you say that you assume up to 3 topline summaries/fielding events per year for Entry/Exit, does that mean you survey incoming students at orientation and then again at the end of their first year? And why would there be up to 3 summaries/events

What do you mean by 3 fielding events per year?

Our fee model is designed to accommodate multiple cohorts for the MBA Student Entry Survey and the MBA Student Exit Survey in an affordable fashion. With the Competitive Intelligence Report package, we will provide up to three Topline Summaries per fielding year if your program has more than one intake or outtake of students for the Entry and Exit surveys, respectively. This will allow you to administer the survey to your students just as they are entering or leaving your program for optimal response rates and at a higher level of accuracy.

For example, many programs have outtakes in December/January (usually a smaller group of students) as well as in the spring (usually a the largest group of exit students), and sometimes in June/July as well. In this scenario, we will not charge your school for each survey conducted in the fielding year because we want your program to achieve optimal response rates and recency for more accurate results reflecting the sentiment of your students.

PLEASE NOTE: The survey being administered for each intake/outtake is identical. Thus, this methodology does not mean a program would field a survey to incoming students at orientation and then again at the end of their first year. Our Midterm survey is designed to be administered to students at the end of the first year.

How do we indicate how many surveys we will need for the fielding year?

You only have to register for the survey once in a fielding year.

If you are going to require an additional Topline Summary, please indicate this need in the Special Request box in the registration form. For example, if you are administering a survey in April and June, you would insert the following text “additional Topline summary needed for June cohort” in the special request box before submitting your registration.

To administer a web survey to multiple cohorts for the EMBA Student Entry or EMBA Student Exit Surveys, you will need to upload a new batch of email addresses for each cohort via your school portal. Click here for more information about that uploading student email addresses.

To administer a web survey to multiple cohorts for non-EMBA Entry or Exit survey, indicate the number of intakes/outtakes on the registration form.

To administer a print version of the Student Exit Survey to multiple cohorts, simply print the questionnaire for each cohort and indicate the cohort name on top of the questionnaire template before you print multiple copies for your students. Please be sure to alert Percept Research that you plan to send separate cohort batches in your registration form.