What does my program have to do to participate in the EMBA Employer Outcomes Study?

Participating programs will be asked to do the following:

a. Upload a list of current or recently graduated (within one year) students including first name, last name, and email address and select your start date (as early as April 19 and as late as May 21).

b. Send a survey pre-alert message to students to notify them of the upcoming survey. Hearing about the study directly from programs first will make participants feel better informed about and prepared for the survey before they receive their survey invitations directly from Percept Research.

Pre-alert templates will be provided to participating programs on the portal when they register.

c. We strongly recommend that participating programs offer an incentive to both students and employers to participate in each phase of the study.

These incentives should be mentioned in the pre-alert messages and Percept Research will randomly select the winners of the incentives for participating programs (at no cost). The participating programs are responsible for incentive fulfillment.