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What if my school will not allow me to provide Percept Research with student or alumni email addresses?

What if my school will not allow me to provide a third-party supplier with student or alumni email addresses?

If your campus makes student e-mail addresses public via a published student directory, they will likely approve email access by Percept Research to administer our MBA Lifecycle surveys.

If your campus prohibits the exchange of email addresses, you may still administer the MBA Lifecycle survey without providing these email addresses to Percept Research. We will assign your institution a series of unique ID numbers with accompanying unique survey links based on the number of students or alumni you intend to survey and send you instructions for matching to your internal email addresses. Someone on your campus will be responsible for matching each email address to a unique ID and including these unique survey links in the survey invitations.

Your school would be responsible for contacting non-responders with reminder messages. Percept Research will provide your school with a list of unique ID numbers that have completed the survey so these students/alumni may be removed from the distribution of reminder messages.

Be sure to let Percept Research know in advance on what days you need your list of ID numbers of completed surveys delivered. Because the file linking a unique ID number to a student email address is held by the school and not Percept Research, we will not provide any files containing unique ID numbers with the school as to maintain respondent confidentiality.

Please note that this methodology may necessitate an increase in survey pricing as this approach increases staff time spent on project and data management.