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What is a 'fielding year'?

Some of your MBA Lifecycle literature reference a 'fielding year.' What is a fielding year?

Fielding refers to the period of data collection for a market research study. The fielding year is the 12-month frame from which we designate a 'year' to approximate an academic year based on the intent of the higher education study.

The end date of the fielding year is what is most important. We select an end date in which a majority of MBA programs will have completed the data collection from their students. This allows us to deliver our benchmark reports (Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report) to the largest number of programs in the shortest amount of time after a program's individual survey has concluded.

We provide Topline Summaries within two weeks of closing your survey for each intake or outtake whereas your benchmark reports are delivered after the end of the fielding year.

Reference this MBA Lifecycle Survey Timing page for our current survey fielding dates.

Reference this article — blog: MBA Student Exit Survey Fielding Year Updated

  • The fielding year for each survey is:

    Entry - November 1 – October 31
    Midterm - July 1 – June 30
    Exit - July 1 – June 30
    Alumni - January 1 – December 31
The timing of the survey fielding year and delivery of reports are based on the survey engaged. Please view the Calendar of Survey Milestones for more details.