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What is a lead file?

Our proposal mentions receiving a 'lead file' at the end of our custom research study.

As a bonus objective of our custom research studies targeting prospective customers, we often recommend soliciting opt-in ‘leads’ as one of the last questions in the survey.

By this, we implement a strategy in which the survey is ‘blind’ to the respondents initially when assessing awareness and the decision-making process. The second component of the instrument would reveal client sponsorship of the survey we would allow respondents to request more information about client's offerings.

The survey itself is a marketing event for prospective customers/students and we recommend this approach to provide more utility to the research study.

When this strategy is engaged, we provide a lead file at the end of the study. This file is an Excel spreadsheet of opt-in ‘leads’ -- respondents that request more information about clients offerings based on their stated interest.