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What is a masked data set?

Also known as a product of data sanitization, a masked data set is an Excel file of all quantitative results of your survey with demographic metrics grouped into categories to preserve respondent confidentiality while providing a data file for internal analysis.

In the example masked data below:

1. All quantitative responses are displayed with each row representing a respondent and columns representing the question number (for reference to the questionnaire).

2. The purple arrow illustrates how open-ended question (verbatim) responses are removed (to preserve confidentiality).

3. The orange arrow illustrates how demographic metrics are grouped into categories (to preserve confidentiality).

NOTE: Demographic metric = A question used to gather data about specific attributes of the respondent. Typical demographic information collected are Gender, Age, Marital Status, Family Size, Education Level, Income Level, Occupation, Zip Code, Job Title, etc.

4. The green circle illustrates how "Don't Know" and "Not Applicable" responses are coded as '99'.

NOTE: Coding = Combining similar answers and assigning them unique identifiers, to facilitate sorting and categorization.

NOTE: Whether a question represents continuous or categorical data, a good questionnaire offers meaningful alternatives, such as: "Don't Know", "Prefer Not to Answer", or "Not Applicable". Traditionally, these alternative responses are given numeric values such as 99, 999, or 9999 to distinguish them from normal responses that may have normal single-digit, double-digit, or triple-digit responses, respectively.

Percept Research offers masked data sets to clients at a minimal cost to cover staff time required to mask the data and implementing quality assurance procedures.
You will receive a copy of the questionnaire so you can match up the data columns in the masked data set with the survey administered to your respondents.
Our MBA Lifecycle clients can view the cost of this optional report deliverable in the Reports section of our pricing plans: MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite Pricing Plans