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What is an Other (specify) question type?

What is an OSPEC question type?

When building a survey, it's not always possible to include an exhaustive list of responses for a question, especially if that question's content is more subjective than objective. On such occasions, you can use an "Other (specify)" option to provide respondents the opportunity to write in a response not provided in the question's answer list (response options).

This approach allows respondents to either offer additional information about their choice, or provide an alternative answer if the available answer choices do not apply to them.

Tip: Although "Other (specify)" answer options can be used in a variety of question types, the best practice is to use them as rows for single-dimension questions.

Anchoring the Other (specify) Row

It is generally good practice to exclude any "Other (specify)" questions from row randomization. If you would like to randomize the response options for a question, then you should anchor the "Other (specify)" row at the bottom of the list.