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What is considered a typical course (how many credit hours) for the faculty compensation question in the EMBAC Program Survey?

Regarding the Offload faculty compensation including benefits per typical course for EMBA programs, what is considered a typical course (how many credit hours)? Do we know this?

Good questions. We have answered in two parts:

1. What is considered a typical course (how many credit hours)?

You are referring to this question:
F4. If some faculty receive Overload/Offload compensation, please indicate your average compensation to full-time faculty for a typical course including benefits.

We attempt to get at this answer with the following question:
F5. How many instructional in-class contact hours are required of faculty for a typical course?

This is not equated to credit hour nor do we measure credit hour within this global benchmark survey as the term 'credit hour' is not universally used outside of the US.

2. Also, can we get competitive reports for 2013 data or is it too late?

Nope, it's not too late. Executive MBA Council members can order a reports (Standard Report, Peer Report, Regional Report, etc.) from within the EMBAC Membership Program Survey or via this form:

EMBAC Membership Program Survey Report Order Form