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What is my response rate?

For Entry and Exit surveys, Executive MBA Council participants can view their response rate via their portal:

Entry: http://www.embac.org/studententryregi...
Exit: http://www.embac.org/studentexitregister

Other participants will receive response rate updates from their project manager when reminders are sent and at the end of the survey fielding. Please contact the Project Manager for each survey to request an additional update:

Entry - Michelle Maki: michelle.maki@perceptresearch.com
Midterm - Michelle Maki: michelle.maki@perceptresearch.com
Exit - Marinda Hamann: marinda.hamann@perceptresearch.com
Alumni - Marinda Hamann: marinda.hamann@perceptresearch.com
We will also provide an update on your current response rate when reminders are sent and on the day after your survey fielding ends.