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What is the process for adding custom questions to the questionnaire?

Once you have selected to add custom questions to the questionnaire, you can submit your questions to support@perceptresearch.com. Our team will assist you with designing the questions to best return actionable data. Please allow-up to three weeks for programming custom questions and our associated quality assurance testing.

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How many custom questions can I add?

The additional fee for custom questions includes questionnaire design, programming the web survey or designing the print questionnaire, and custom reporting. This additional fee is per program.

We ask that you send us a draft list of questions and/or concepts you want to measure in your survey. Our consultants will provide design recommendations for your approval before these are programmed into your survey (at the end of the survey template).

Be sure to contact your Project Manager to schedule a review and design consultation of your custom questions shortly after registering to participate.
Customization is not available with the Monitor Decision Package due to the effort required to customize questions. The Monitor Decision Package is a loss-leader offering for the firm to encourage larger participation in the industry. Programs considering customization will receive largest impact with the Roadmap Decision Package or Guidance Decision Package.

Most clients participate in the Roadmap Decision Package to leverage the trending, Loyalty Index, and Key Driver Analysis for a blueprint on how to leverage limited resources for great impact in improving student satisfaction. Reference this article: Why should my program order the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report?

Please reference our pricing plans on this page: MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite Pricing Plans

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