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What is the EMBAC Standard Benchmark Report?

I am getting ready to complete the Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey and want to know what is this report?

This report is provided for free to all members that complete the Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey by the deadline for the year. This report is not available for purchase for programs that did not complete the survey by the deadline or are new members.

Includes all survey responses and calculated metrics presented among the standard segments:

EMBA Programs 2008
EMBA Programs 2009
EMBA Programs 2010
EMBA Programs 2011
EMBA Programs 2012
Non-EMBA Programs
All Programs
Total cost: less than $30,001
Total cost: $30,001- $45,000
Total cost: $45,001- $60,000
Total cost: $60,001- $80,000
Total cost: more than $80,000
US/CA Programs
Programs outside US/Canada
This is an excerpt from the report:

Executive MBA Council members can order an Aggregate Report (also known as the Standard Report) from within the EMBAC Membership Program Survey or via this form:

EMBAC Membership Program Survey Report Order Form

If you participated in the survey and are looking for your report, please reference this article:

Where are my EMBA Council industry benchmark reports located?


Starting in 2014, we started segmenting Total Program Cost in this report as follows:

Total cost: 0 - $45,000
Total cost: $45,001 - $60,000
Total cost: $60,001 - $80,000
Total cost: $80,001 – 100,000
Total cost: More than $100,000

Please reference this article for more information:
Why did the program cost segmentation change in the EMBAC Program Survey report?


Only association members that complete the Membership Program Survey by the survey deadline will receive a copy of the Standard Report as an incentive to participate. We cannot provide the report to members that did not complete the survey.