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What is the purpose of the Alert Templates page?

To boost response rates, we recommend sending a Pre-Alert message and an End of Survey (EOS) message to your students/alumni.

Pre-Alert Template – This template can be customized to alert students/alumni of the date they should expect to receive survey invitations from Percept Research on your behalf. We recommend sending this message 1-2 days before your survey invitations are delivered.

End of Survey Alert Template – This template can be customized to announce a one-week extension for non-responding students/alumni. We recommend that you send out this message 2-3 days after your 'announced' deadline has passed. This direct follow-up and extension will significantly boost student response rates.

Executive MBA Council members can view "alert template" for the EMBA Student Entry Survey and EMBA Student Exit Survey directly from their school portal: http://embaportal.perceptresearch.com:

These can be accessed in two ways:

1. Select Alert Templates from the Entry or Exit menu from your school portal (blue arrow); or

2. Select Alert Templates from the Register/Manage Survey page of your school portal (purple arrow).

Participants in other MBA Lifecycle surveys can request a copy of these templates by contacting their project manager or sending a request to support@perceptresearch.com.