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What is the typical survey process?

In most cases, the survey timeframe flows like this:

2-3 days prior to the survey launch – Your school sends a “pre-alert” email to students or alumni (Percept Research will provide a pre-alert template). Reference: https://knowledge.mbalifecycle.com/helpcenter/what-is-a-pre-alert-message-1
Week 1 – Percept Research sends survey invitation

Week 2 – Percept Research sends reminder

Week 2 – Announced end of fielding (typically Friday or Sunday)

Week 3 – School sends “End-of-Survey” alert to extend the survey to students or alumni that have not completed the survey.

Week 4 – Actual end of fielding (typically Friday or Sunday)

On average, schools participating in the MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite achieve 70-75% response rates with this approach.

Brian Mahoney (Official Rep) over 8 years ago

In addition to the methodology above, some programs have developed interesting ways to boost response rates such as:

1. Provide a low-cost promotional items to all students/alumni that complete the survey.

2. Provide a higher value survey incentive (such as a $100 gift card, iPod, iPad, donation to charity, etc.) to the winner of a random drawing.

> Percept Research can managing the drawing and incentive fulfillment by request

3. Administering the survey during a dedicated class time. Percept Research can provide you a full list of the unique survey links for reference.

We plan to post tips like these on our blog. Please share your tips as well!