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What is the UNICON School Profile Summary?

The UNICON School Profile Summary is populated with your school’s survey responses from last year for reference.

How to use this Summary

Some schools will choose to download and print this School Profile Summary to collect information for all of their programs before completing the online UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey. This will allow a school to have data on hand.

Member schools may want to pass along the School Profile Summary to staff and collect their program-specific information so they can enter information about all programs at once as you complete the survey.

Please note: UNICON cannot accept survey completions by submitting the School Profile Summary directly to Percept Research - all updates must be made through the web survey directly so the input data can be validated.

Interpreting Responses

The responses listed for last year will be blank if your school did not complete the survey last year or if the question is new in the current year.

This summary includes the ‘planned/expected’ values recorded from last year into the format of the current year questionnaire as a guide.