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What is the UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey Competitive Revenue Analysis?

My school participated in the UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey and we’ve ordered a Peer Benchmarking Report. We’d like more information about the Competitive Revenue Analysis.

The Competitive Revenue Analysis is a new data enhancement in the UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey Peer Report in 2015. The Competitive Revenue Analysis will allow you to compare your school’s (non-degree) gross annual revenue from to the top 50 revenue-generating schools that participated in the year’s Membership Benchmarking Survey.

Below is an example of what you will receive if you order the Competitive Revenue Analysis, which will be included in all orders of the Peer Benchmarking Report.

UNICON Peer Report Competitive Revenue Analysis

To order a Peer Benchmarking Report and receive the included Competitive Revenue Analysis, please complete the Peer Selection Questionnaire you should have received after completing the UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey. As of 2019, Peer Benchmarking Reports are $650 each.