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What programs are included the non-EMBA segment in the Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey report?

What is the composition of the groups in included in the header “NON-EMBA” in the EMBAC Program Survey reports? If not EMBA what are they?

Programs included in the "EMBA Programs" segment have a minimum 5 years work experience required or reported an average work experience minimum of 10 years for the latest cohort (if the minimum required work experience is less than 5 years). All other programs are listed in the "Non-EMBA" segment.

Some of these "Non-EMBA programs" were grandfathered in years ago when the council admitted part-time programs while others are programs that schools choose to list in the online member directory and pay the additional listing fee to build awareness of these programs. The council appreciates the opportunity to gather market data on these non-EMBA programs, but these are separated from the "EMBA Programs" segment so we present a consistent view of programs in this category.