When will the new EMBA Student Entry Survey be available?

I would like to launch the EMBA entry survey now for our fall 2013 entering class. I tried to register but the date window has closed. When will the new survey be available?

Hi Todd,


At the end of each fielding year, we will close registration temporarily to update the EMBA Council school portals with the new survey. This involves updating all of the instruction documentation, the registration and associated automated invoicing, the automated participant alerts, and the questionnaire.

Normally, this takes a few weeks. However, the 2013-14 EMBA Student Entry Survey has more updates that normal. We are adjusting the MBA Student Entry questionnaire to match the scales changes made recently to the MBA Student Exit questionnaire — please out this reference article about the scale adjustments: Percept Research Updates MBA Student Exit Survey Questionnaire

Additionally, we are updating the registration pages significantly to reflect our new MBA Lifecycle Survey Suite pricing plans. Most of the fees will remain the same, but we are repositioning the fees as 'packages' so participants have a better understanding of what the fees include. We will be posting a blog article about this change soon.

We anticipate having these changes in place for the EMBA Student Entry Survey in January.

Launching your survey

Dependent on when you need to launch your program's survey (before January), we can launch the survey outside of the EMBA portal. Launching outside of the portal is a more manual process, but it allows us to capture student feedback at a time optimal for your program.

We will ask you to wait to register via the portal so we have an accurate accounting of participation, but we can set up your survey earlier so you can launch while we work on the portal adjustments.

Please reach out to our team at surveysupport@perceptresearch.com so that our team can contact you to come up with the best solution for your program.