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Where can I find industry data regarding trends in employer financial support for EMBA students?

I am looking for trend data on EMBAs getting financial support from their companies. I know we have some data for our program, but is there data like this in a recent report that we might have? I’m interested in finding out comparison data from other

How we capture this information

We have been collecting information about tuition reimbursement for over a decade in both the EMBA Council’s Membership Program Survey and our PMBA and EMBA Student Exit Surveys.

Here is the question as it is currently worded in the EMBAC Program Survey:

C6. For your most recent cohort, what percentage of your students received financial sponsorship from their employer for each of these categories? Include any funds received from the Post 9/11 GI Bill as financial sponsorship. A + B + C + D must equal 100 – do not enter % symbol.

A. FULL financial sponsorship
B. PARTIAL financial sponsorship: 51% to 99%
C. PARTIAL financial sponsorship: 1% to 50%
D. NO financial sponsorship

Here is the question as it is currently worded in the EMBA Student Exit Survey:

H14. What percentage of the program cost was reimbursed by your employer? __________ %
If you received no reimbursement, please enter 0. Include any funds received from government or military service.

Where can you find benchmark information?

With the EMBAC Program Survey, you can view industry comparisons in the Standard Report that is provided to all members that complete the survey each year. Reference this article to view the comparison segments displayed in the Standard Report: What is the EMBAC Standard Benchmark Report?

Additionally, you may also purchase the Regional or Peer Reports for additional comparisons - here are reference articles:

What is the EMBAC Regional Report?

What is the EMBAC Peer Report?

With the EMBA Student Exit Survey, you will receive comparisons to industry benchmarks as well as peer programs in the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report. Reference this article to view the comparison segments displayed in this report:

Why should my program order the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report?

If you school is an EMBA Council member and ordered any of these reports since 2006, they will be located within your Report Archive folder on your school portal. Reference: Where are my EMBA Council industry benchmark reports located?