Who is the target audience of the Alumni Survey?

We are looking for a measure on the effectiveness of alumni engagement, but it seems that your tool is measuring how the program gives an impact to alumni in a long term... so which group of alumni should be survey on? Those who graduated 3, 5 or 10

Target audience of Alumni Survey

Different from the other MBA Lifecycle studies, the Alumni Survey targets multiple classes (back in time) instead of the most recent graduating class (which is the target of the Student Exit Survey). The target audience of the Alumni Survey are graduates of the program up to the past 15 to 20 years as the maximum reach. Typically, the net effective incidence of valid email addresses diminishes over time.

We will group older classes together in the survey analysis dependent on the number of responses received from these graduating classes to provide longitudinal trending.

Due to the age of the sample (target contacts) for the Alumni Survey, we recommend that MBA programs attempt to update their alumni email addresses for optimal reach and we should build that time into the schedule prior to the survey launch.

What is measured in the Alumni Survey

The MBA alumni survey enables programs to benchmark how graduates perform in their professional life, assess learning outcomes, and demonstrating MBA return on investment. It is administered to measure alumni engagement and loyalty along with assessment on the ROI of the degree long-term and improvement of the program.