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Why am I getting an invoice reminder when we have already paid?

Why did we receive a message about an overdue invoice when we have already remitted payment?

Our clients have the option to pay via check, credit card, or ACH/bank wire transfer, whichever is more convenient for your organization.

Often, the standard transaction details provided in credit card and ACH/wire transfers lack sufficient reference information to match a specific invoice. We try our best to match up amounts received through our payment platform and bank with specific invoices, but this is sometimes difficult given the volume of transactions with identical fees for many of our services as well as fluctuation in currency exchange rates.

Additionally, banks typically levy fees for the wire transfers, and these fees may have been taken out of the payment amount intended for Percept Research. This will leave a difference to be paid from the original invoice amount and the amount due.

To assist us in reconciling our records, we ask that you send us proof of payment via our support form including:

  • Invoice Number
  • Date of Payment
  • Method of Payment (credit card, ACH/bank wire transfer, etc.)
  • Bank name
  • Total Transaction Amount

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in reconciling your payment with our invoice. We will do our best to resolve this in a timely manner.