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Why are peer comparisons missing from my Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report?

If the Peer Composite segment in your Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report is blank, then we did not receive a response from your school for selecting your peer programs.

After we have closed the fielding year for a MBA Lifecycle survey, we send a Peer Selection Survey to programs that have ordered either the Roadmap Decision Package or the Guidance Decision Package (reference: Decision Packages).

For example, the Peer Selection Survey is typically fielded in July for the MBA Student Exit Survey since the fielding year closes on June 30. Reference this page for fielding timing for each survey type: Timing of Surveys and Reporting

The invitations to the Peer Selection Survey are sent to the survey administrators (based on the school’s registration form) for these participating MBA programs.

The Peer Selection Survey is fielded for 2 weeks and asks survey administrators to select the programs that they wish to include in their Peer Composite segment which is displayed in the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Reports.

During the 2-week fielding of the Peer Selection Survey, multiple email reminders are sent to the survey administrators listed in the survey registration form. We occasionally offer a 1-week extension for programs to submit their peer selections. Additionally, our staff call survey administrators that have not yet completed the Peer Selection Survey. After all of these attempts, we have to proceed with report production so that we do not delay delivery to schools that submitted their peer selections.

Schools that have not made their peer selections will receive their Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report with the Peer Composite segment empty.

If a school did not submit their peer selections and would like to receive another Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report with the Peer Composite populated, please contact support@perceptresearch.com. There will be reduced fee to produce the additional report.