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Why are some MBA programs that we selected last year missing in the MBA Lifecycle peer selection survey?

We are taking the survey you sent us to select our peer comparisons, but cannot find a few MBA programs that we to compare. Is there a reason why they are not on there? Did they not participate in the survey this year?

We do not have a confirmed list of participating programs until the end of the fielding year for our MBA Lifecycle surveys. Please reference this article: Can you tell me which peer schools in my region are participating so I can determine whether to purchase the Topline Summary or Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report?

We attempt to contact legacy participants each year by phone to remind them to participate and probe as to why they are not participating. Typically, non-renewals are due to:

1) timing issues/new staff – they forgot to administer in time to participate in the current year;
2) budgetary issues/smaller cohort;
3) program under redesign; or
4) some schools participate every other year.

We will do our best to encourage past participants (legacy clients) to participate in the next fielding year so they can maintain their internal trending and participation in the external benchmarking.