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Why did I receive a non-responder list that is out of date?

Why did I receive a message from my student that he already completed the survey when he was on the non-responder list? Why did I receive a message from our alumnus/ executive education participant that he already completed the survey when he was on

This can occur due to one of two common reasons:

1. The student/alumnus/program participant actually didn’t complete the survey and may be stating that they did to defer guilt or may be confused.

2. More often, the student/alumnus did complete the survey within the window of time between the Percept Research team generating the non-responder list and the program sending the reminder message.

The survey fielding is dynamic meaning that your students/alumni are not waiting to receive additional reminders to complete the survey — they will complete the survey at a time that is most convenient for them.

We typically send our clients the non-responder list as soon as it is created (there is not lag time with delivery of the list once it is generated). However, there may be a lag between the time the reminder is delivered and the respondent actually views/reads the reminder message.

Because of this, we recommend that our clients be prepared to send their direct reminders to non-responders soon after receiving the list to reduce this ‘window of opportunity’ so the non-responder list is optimized.

We also recommend that our clients add verbiage to direct follow-up reminders such as “If you already have completed this survey and feel you received this in error, please contact our research partner to confirm at surveysupport@perceptresearch.com.”

PLEASE NOTE: We appreciate that you want to encourage each student/alumnus to participate, but we ask that you do not micromanage the process by asking our team to verify the disposition for every student/alumnus that responds to you indicating they completed the survey. This is outside scope and budget of these projects and the reasons above are why this typically occurs causing unnecessary investigations by our team.

We ask that you thank the respondent for completing the survey and alert us if you receive more than 5 respondents at a time that indicate that they complete survey (if there was only a short lag time in sending out the reminder message and receiving the non-responder list). With that said, we definitely follow-up with all respondent inquiries to our support inbox: surveysupport@perceptresearch.com.

PLEASE NOTE: The scope of these projects are designed to provide you with a non-responder list on the same day that reminder messages are scheduled to be sent. If you wish to receive a non-responder list more frequently than the original schedule, there will be an additional surcharge to cover our staff time based on the frequency of non-responder list delivery that you desire.