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Why did the EMBAC Research Portal migrate to user-specific passwords?

Percept Research sent an email campaign in March 2019 asking members of the Executive MBA Council to establish a custom password for each contact currently listed in the council Directory in order to gain access to their School Research Portal. Here is a copy of the email message along with a link to password upgrade instructions: Update Your EMBA Council Research Portal Password. We made this change to heighten security and further protect your school’s data within the platform.

In 2021 to complete the migration process, Percept Research converted the access credentials for all members of the EMBA Council to a contact-specific email address with randomized password.

We do not send unsolicited survey invitations or alerts for Executive MBA Council Program Survey. If you received a message that your EMBAC Research Portal access credentials were updated, then you are currently listed as a contact for your school within the Executive MBA Council directory.

You may choose to keep this randomized password or change it. If you wish to change your password, click the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the login in page: https://embaportal.perceptresearch.com

WARNING: If you unsubscribe from this Percept Research marketing messages, you will no longer receive alerts about updating your access credentials nor alerts about the industry-related reports we publish on behalf of the Executive MBA Council.

If the email address currently listed in the EMBAC directory is incorrect or if you have any questions about your access, please contact us via our Help Center.