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Why did the program cost segmentation change in the EMBAC Program Survey report?

How are the program cost segments different in the 2014 Executive MBA Council Membership Program Survey report?

The EMBA Council Center for Research team determined that cost segmentation in the Program Survey Standard Report should be updated to reflect rising tuition over the last decade in the industry represent a normal distribution for analysis.

The program cost segmentation is based on this question in the EMBA Council Membership Program Survey:

B12. Please enter the fees for each program. Please enter whole numbers and do not enter commas or a currency symbol.

B. Total Program Cost (including deposit, tuition & all fees for the entire length of the program) - This is the cost published to prospective students.

Prior to 2014, the Program Survey Standard Report was segmented by Total Program Cost with these breaks:

Total cost: less than $30,001
Total cost: $30,001- $45,000
Total cost: $45,001- $60,000
Total cost: $60,001- $80,000
Total cost: more than $80,000

Starting in 2014, we started segmenting Total Program Cost as follows:

Total cost: 0 - $45,000 (~18%)
Total cost: $45,001 - $60,000 (~21%)
Total cost: $60,001 - $80,000 (~23%)
Total cost: $80,001 – 100,000 (~20%)
Total cost: More than $100,000 (~18%)

The frequency distribution of each of these segments based on the 2013 data are listed in parentheses.