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Why does the number of respondents stated for Uniform Group Analysis (UGA) vary in different charts?

Shouldn't the number of respondents (N) be the same for all of the UGA charts?

The number of respondents for Uniform Group Analysis (UGA) charts will vary due to the very nature of the UGA. UGA is based on a rolling 5-year trend of the same programs participating. Thus, the number of respondents will be based on the same programs completing the survey for all 5 years.

UGA is based on the same programs completing the survey, not completing each question. We do not filter out programs that might not have answered each individual question due to outlier response or optional completion as this would take excessive amounts of time while not significantly impacting on the trend information.

If a program didn’t participate one year or was removed due to an non-valid outlier response, then that reduces the total number of respondents for that question. This is especially true for optional questions.