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Why was I locked out of my EMBA Council school portal?

What is the EMBAC portal lockout policy?

The message "Your account has been locked out. Please contact support for assistance" occurs when attempting to sign in to your Executive MBA Council school portal more than 6 times with the wrong User ID/password combination.

How the lockout works

You will not see this message when attempting to sign in to your EMBA Council school portal with incorrect credentials fewer than 6 times in a row.

If you try more than 6 unsuccessful login attempts consecutively, the access credentials for your school portal will be locked and you must contact surveysupport@perceptresearch.com to unlock the account.

Why are you doing this?

Following industry-wide best practices, we tightened up our account lockout requirements to provide an extra layer of security to member's online data.

While we recognize that being locked out of your account can be annoying, our lockout policy ensures a higher level of protection to your school's proprietary information stored with your school portal.

We have provide an instructional warning on the portal login page to this new policy (orange arrow).