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Why was my account suspended for nonpayment of invoice?

Why is my survey fielding been suspended or report being withheld for payment?

We have experienced too many situations whereby our invoices are not fully paid on time, extremely late, or at all. This severely inhibits our ability to serve clients who pay invoices on time.

We keep our fees as low as we possibly can and we do not want to raise our fees for all our clients because some clients do not pay or do not pay on time. We trust our clients understand this and will cooperate by paying invoices on time to keep our fees lower for them and other clients.

Whenever an invoice is sent to a client, there is a very clear Due Date on the invoice. If a client requires a W9, liability insurance certificate, or other vendor forms completed for payment, please alert us as soon as the invoice is received so we may facilitate this custom request.

Our invoicing system will automatically send multiple reminders on a timed-basis for open invoices to ensure clients are alerted of payment delays. Non-payment of an invoice does not relieve the client from payment obligations, now or for any future contractual invoices or obligations. If a client wishes to terminate any service, we require written correspondence as described in our Terms of Service of which the latest version is always available on our website.

A. Suspension and un-suspension process

After careful deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that we will have to become stricter with our suspension policy so that the prudent clients will not suffer because of nonpaying clients. Our invoicing notification and suspension policy is as follows:

  1. We send an invoice for services purchased from Percept Research, Inc. and if the invoice is not disputed within 15 days, it will be deemed valid and require payment (as we will never send an invoice for service not initiated by a client).
  2. We expect clients to ensure that payment reaches us before the Due Date indicated on the invoice. As long as an invoice has not been paid, a client account may be suspended and final service deliverables withheld.
  3. Clients will receive a 1st notification that the invoice Due Date has passed via email. Please resolve payment immediately.
  4. If payment has not been received, clients will receive a 2nd notification of non-payment via email. At this time a Late Payment Fee may be added to your invoice and the availability of services from Percept Research, Inc. may be suspended.
  5. Reinstating suspended services may incur an extra cost. Please contact us via our support ticketing system as soon as possible to discuss how and when this will be resolved and to verify if any extra fee is required to recover our costs in invoice recovery.

B. Collections

  1. If payment still has not been received, clients will receive a 3rd and final notification (via email) for each invoice that has not been paid. At this time, all related services may become unavailable to the client and there is a risk of losing the service permanently if the client does not immediate contact us to resolve the invoice(s) in arrears.
  2. If a client has not responded or fails to remit payment after these attempts to resolve payment, Percept Research, Inc. will send your account to an international debt collection agency that we have engaged to recover this debt. The additional cost to recover the overdue payment, compounded interest, and any debt collection cost will be added to the open balance of the invoice.

There may be extra fee to revive services, on top of full payment of all unpaid/not fully paid invoices. Clients will need to start the un-suspension process by submitting a formal request via our support ticketing system.