Will I be able to participate if our program graduates in August after the June 30 deadline for the Exit Survey?

I see that this exit survey is applicable for students graduating by June 30, 2014. Unfortunately our EMBA program only graduates in August each year. For the 2012-2013 year Percept was able to accommodate our timeline. Will this be the case again fo

The July 1 - June dates represent the 'fielding year' for the MBA Student Exit Survey. Check out this related article: What is a 'fielding year'?

The timing of the survey fielding year and delivery of reports are based on the survey engaged. Please view the Calendar of Survey Milestones for more details.

The August 2014 graduating class will fall within our next fielding year, 2014-15. You will need to wait to register this graduating class for that 2014-15 fielding year after July 1.

Since your program graduates at the front end of the fielding year, you may want to receive your industry comparative data sooner than waiting until 2015 to receive these benchmarks. Check out this related article: Can I get my benchmark report earlier?