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Will our school get the EMBAC Program Survey Standard Report if we missed the deadline for submitting data into the survey?

We did upload our information into the portal, but I know we didn’t get it in in time to be included in the 2012 Program Survey, which is fine. However, will we still get the Standard Report as we have now completed our information in the Membership

The council provides the Standard Report to programs that complete the Membership Program Survey by the deadline. Since your program entered the council after the survey fielding had closed, you would not receive this report. However, by completing the survey, your information is updated for display in the council's online directory for prospective student searches: EMBA Council Directory for Prospective Students

Additionally, we will retain your answers for the fielding of the Membership Program Survey for next year so the time it takes to complete the survey will be lessened considerably. :) We typically field this survey in the spring of each year around March/April.

Lastly, if you would like to purchase the Standard, Peer, or Regional report, you can do so with this order form: EMBAC Membership Program Survey Report Order Form
Only association members that complete the Membership Program Survey by the survey deadline will receive a copy of the Standard Report as an incentive to participate. We cannot provide the report to members that did not complete the survey.