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My school is part of a consortium of schools that would like to participate in the MBA Lifecycle Surveys at the same time with the intention of producing a special comparative report that is specific

Can a group of programs request a custom comparative report specific to the group?

This is not an unusual request and can be produced for a number of different types of groups: by state or other geographic region, by type of program (association of part-time MBA programs, Masters in Management programs, etc.), or implementation across an institution with multiple campuses.

Dependent on the number of new participating programs, a discount on the first-year fees may be available. There may be an additional charge to generate the custom comparative report for the group dependent on the scope of the analysis desired. This charge may be added to one school’s invoice, or portioned among the participating schools.

Please indicate if you are participating as part of a multi-campus consortium or group in the Special Request box of the registration form.

Contact inquiry@perceptresearch.com if you represent such a group and would like to request a custom comparative report.