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What is exactly meant by first year development?

What is exactly meant by first year development? Is it mainly you give us the list of questionnaire and you train us how to administer the survey and prepare the reports ourselves?

The First Year Development Fee includes the project management time setting up the survey process for your program and consulting on how to optimize for the best student response. This fee also includes Premium Survey Support for your administrative team.

The First Year Development Fee applies to programs that did not participate in the previous fielding year.

We currently offer a $650 discount on the First Year Development Fees for Entry, Midterm, and Exit Surveys and a $300 discount on the Alumni Survey if your school is a member of the EMBA Council as we serve as the research partner for this industry association: Percept Research Association Partnerships

Our value proposition is to provide professional surveys (license to use our crafted survey instruments), advanced analytics not otherwise available to schools, and high-touch fielding management so your school can focus on the implementation of recommendations from the results. For example, our Key Driver Analysis helps programs leverage limited resources for the biggest impact. We also obtain higher response rates (75-80% on average) than schools typically do internally.
The MBA Alumni Survey is different from the other MBA Lifecycle surveys in regards to custom questions and the First Year Development Fee

There is not a separate Custom Survey Package for the Alumni Survey since this initiative involves custom questions specific to the business school. The cost for this customization is included in the First Year Development Fee for the Alumni Survey.

The analysis and reporting for the Alumni Survey is more complex than the other MBA Lifecycle surveys due to the longitudinal nature of this study along with more demographic segmentation, additional survey fielding support (more respondents and respondents require more communication), and custom questionnaire design.

Reference more detail in this support article: How many custom questions can I add?