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What is the difference between the Guidance and Roadmap Decision Packages?

What is the MBA Lifecycle Executive Summary?

The difference between the Guidance and Roadmap Decision packages is the synthesis of the data into insights beyond data visualization.

With the Guidance Package, we provide analyst commentary (our takeaways and insights based on the trending, Key Driver Analyses, and benchmarking) within an Executive Summary to accompany the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report. The Executive Summary is designed as a concise and effective overview of key takeaways along with analyst recommendations to help your team apply the research insights in meaningful ways and to explain your research questions, goals, and data to your stakeholders.

We recommend the Guidance Package for clients who have at least 3 years of trending data collected by Percept Research for the Entry, Midterm, or Exit surveys. The Alumni Survey is longitudinal in nature so most clients choose the Guidance Decision Package to optimize the impact and return on investment from the Alumni Survey.

Contact us if you would like to view a fictional version of an Executive Summary or order one for your institution.