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Why should my program order the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report?

What advanced analyses are provided in the Roadmap Decision Package?

The Roadmap Decision Package is designed to provide MBA administrators with the tools needed to optimize the student/alumni loyalty to their program. The Roadmap Decision Package offers much more than the Topline Summary which is provided in the Monitor Decision Package.

Here are 6 reasons you should order a Roadmap Decision Package:

Please note these images are from the Exit Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report, but the display is similar in the other MBA Lifecycle surveys.


Where the Topline Summary provides a tabular summary of your program's data only, Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report (PRMTR) provides a graphical display of your data.

The Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report  displays the 3-year trend of your program and industry segment ratings. Trending will not be displayed for some attributes if three years of continuous trending data are not available.


The PRMTR contains an analysis of graduate loyalty, based on three measures that more accurately predict future behavior. The Student Loyalty Index tells you what proportion of your students/alumni are so pleased with your program that they are likely to remain vocal and loyal supporters as alumni.

The Student Loyalty Index is based on the respondent ratings of three metrics:

• Overall quality of the program;
• Likelihood to support the program as an alumnus; and
• Likelihood to recommend this program to a friend or colleague.

Our decades of research has shown that using a combination of these three measures as an index predicts future behavior better than a single attribute.

From these calculations, students (and alumni) are be divided into three categories:
• Champions: respondents that indicate very high satisfaction ratings with their program and experience. These “Champions” will highly praise your program to others.
• Neutrals: respondents that are not dissatisfied, but feel no particular loyalty to the school.
• Detractors: respondents that are dissatisfied who will spread their negative feelings about the program.


Key Driver Analysis is an at-a-glance graphical analysis of your program’s key drivers of loyalty based on brand ratings and derived importance. These quadrant maps provide decision guides for translating student perceptions into strategic allocations of organizational investments. Check out this blog article for more background on this great managerial tool: Leveraging Limited Resources for Biggest Impact – MBA Brand Research


The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an index that measures the willingness of respondents to recommend a program to others and is used for gauging overall satisfaction with the program.


The PRMTR contains an at-a-glance visual comparison to industry segments such as geographic region, programs size (number of students), all programs that match your delivery format (full-time, part-time, or executive MBA or Specialized Master's). In addition, you will be able to select six programs to represent a Peer Composite. You may choose these peer programs from any of the full-time, part-time, or executive MBA programs as well as Specialized Master's programs that participate.
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The Roadmap Decision Package is considered a "package" because it includes the Topline Summary and Verbatim Document. The Topline Summary and Verbatim Document are designed to provide a summary of your data quickly after your survey has closed since the Roadmap Decision Package is delivered at the end of the fielding year.

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Why should my program order the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report?

Update: We have renamed the Competitive Intelligence Report to the Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report. Please check out this blog article for more details:
Percept Research Introduces Program Roadmap & Market Trends Report

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